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2wenty_2wo's Journal

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Tackey & Tsubasa fans
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Welcome to 2wenty_2wo, an LJ community dedicated to sharing ideas, information, fanworks, media, and merchandise related to the musical artists Tackey & Tsubasa.
You must be a fan of Tackey & Tsubasa
All posts must be related to Tackey & Tsubasa in some way
Please use available tags when creating new posts. If you're unsure, put tags you think fit best
All media that holds a copyright (mp3s, pvs, dvds, tv shows, etc.) must be friends locked
Images exceeding a width of 450px (for the current layout), possible spoilers for dramas, fanfiction, embedded videos, polls, etc. should be placed under an lj-cut
Advertising your community or website is allowed as long as it is Tackey & Tsubasa related, of course!
Before making a request, check the tags
No wank, please. We're not that worried about it- this fandom is quite kind- but remember no bashing of Tackey & Tsubasa or other community members
Please put an effort in making your posts as aesthetically pleasing as possible. We do not need tacky text effects, BOLD, color fonts, large font size, sparkles, etc. If you're intent on posting like that anyway, PLEASE put everything under a cut
Fake LJ cuts to your journal are OK, but those links need to lead to entries, not just your main page
It is highly recommended that you do not post rips of new releases (cds & dvds) in this community until at least one week after its release. Support the artist whenever possible

Tackey & Tsubasa both joined Johnny's Entertainment in 1995 at the age of 13. During their time as Juniors, both boys became quite popular. Eventually they both became Johnny's Junior leaders, and began performing as a duo in concerts and shows. In 2002, when it was announced that they would both be debuting as solo artists, they began a successful campaign in which fans begged Johnny to debut them as a duo. Their first mini-album, Hatachi was released on September 11, 2002. To date they have released 9 singles, 3 albums, and 3 DVDs.

Takizawa Hideaki (滝沢秀明)
Born March 29, 1982 (33)
Takki is known for acting in many acclaimed dramas and stage shows. He is also quite popular among Johnny's Juniors. Takki has been one of the regular hosts of a weekly variety show until earlier this year, and is continuing hosting duties with the new Ogosho Japan!

Imai Tsubasa (今井翼)
Born October 17, 1981 (34)
One of the "Four Dancing Kings" of Johnny's Entertainment, Tsubasa is known for his superior dancing ability. He hosts a weekly radio shown, To Base, and is involved in stage shows outside of Tackey & Tsubasa activities, including the musical SHOCK.

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