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05 May 2016 @ 02:57 pm
[Request] Burn the Floor 2014 Promo things  
Hello! I was wondering if anyone had some of the shows that aired around the time Tsubasa was doing some 2014 Burn the Floor promos?

  • Saturday Chubaw - I never saw this around even as a stream >_< He's blond in this one.

  • Forgot the title, but it had Carribbean in it XD It was Tsubasa meeting with the Burn the Floor cast on a ship or something, kind of like the part 2 to that Singapore episode!

  • General BTF 2014 news. I'm particularly interested in one with footage with Tsubasa and Janette performing Club le Narcisse. I feel like that's the only one I haven't seen, of the news/promos >_<

I was waiting for these when it was recent, but I never saw links for them..

I don't have much of a bribe list, but ask me if I have anything and if I do I will be happy to share O_O Thank you!
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