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23 October 2015 @ 11:42 pm
T&T lj communities maintainer/owner post  
Hey there~ It's me again ^^
I'm the new maintainer of the 2wenty_2wo community :D/ You might know me from takitsubalove.
So we're sort of facing a problem and since mod posts aren't as interesting to read as posts about the actual topic (in this case: T&T), I make it short.
We finally have access again to the 2wenty2wo community so the first thing, I did, was changing the age from Takki and Tsubasa in their profile from 26(!!) to 33 and 34. Yepp. A difference of 8 years.
Now, what to do next?
2wenty2wo community was founded in 2004 and was the main lj-community for T&T fans for a long while. Then it got quiet ... and more quiet and no mod nor maintainer was around anymore, so we re-opened takitsubalove for fan discussions, downloads, news, photos, random stuff.
That was in July 2014.
Since that time, we went through a lot of happiness and hardships together. Everyone tried to do their best to help keeping the English-speaking community alive. Bringing in the latest informations to all fans when things looked really bad... And updating when we finally got better informations. Moreover we shared files, reuploaded things that went missing over the last few years. Helping out new fans.

Now that 2wenty2wo community could be used again, we're kind of having a problem: We're not so many people, and, let's face it, there are not so many updates (that are posted, in fact, there are a lot of things that happen every week even without concerts). It would be sad to have a split. It kind of is confusing when some posts are in one and some in the other community. Also, psychologically speaking, at least I would be more motivated to write things if I know I'm not just talking to a wall and people take part in the community by posting and commenting
So, what to do next? I would like to get some input from whoever wants to give some input. Anything is fine. You can also just say Hi, even that would help. Because if I would have to guess, I would say we're like 10 people or less, so it would be nice if we could all meet at the same community and do something, that's cooler and deeper than other social medias would us allow to do.

Where do you want to go from now on?
What would you like to have?
What did you enjoy/liked the most?
What else is on your mind?

Please write it in the comments at
♥★♥★♥★~ THIS POST ~★♥★♥★♥
Thanks to all of you <3
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