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16 February 2018 @ 05:53 pm
1. VSA 2018.02.15 (G:Tackey)
Resolution: x720
Size: 680MB

DL Links

As always, comment, tell me if there's something wrong with the link, etc, enjoy~ (๛ ̆ 3 ̆)۶♥
14 February 2018 @ 09:26 pm
Tsubasa was on VERY briefly to talk about voice acting for the upcoming Layton anime.


It's on Twitter bc I can't deal w/ Youtube. It's also up on Tumblr.
A bit of news to share!

It's been announced on on Natalie.mu and other various news sources that Tsubasa will be challenging voice acting for the first time in the upcoming Layton anime, set to air in April!

Video for news report

Here is an article in English by Manga Tokyo!

What gets me is this part:

Intentions of offering Imai a role

‘I saw Musical Marius in which Imai played the main character. As I saw it, I was fascinated by his voice and wanted to work together one day.

He understands XD

A news clip came out too for Tackey and his upcoming drama as well. Check it out! The drama is called Kazoku no Tabiji and Tackey will be singing the intro I think? PLEASE HELP ME I HAVE 0 IDEA.

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17 October 2017 @ 09:18 am
I was originally just going to post my art in my own journal but I thought why not just make an entire birthday post so here I am dropping a quick one! Feel free to share your own pic spams/graphics/fics/etc. too!

There's a wide variety of tags to browse through on Twitter if you feel like it: #283HBD #283誕生日 #今井翼誕生日

There's a togetter now too!

Lots more under the cut!Collapse )

Visit the tag if you want to see more!
11 September 2017 @ 10:32 pm
Twitter is bustling with cute Andos honoring this day. Check #滝翼15周年 for more!

Celebrate under the cut!Collapse )
In case you aren't aware, arashiproject has been working on reuploading a ton of subbed files from Baka no Sekai and a new masterlist for NewsHFan just came up! The list is multifandom, so there are plenty of Tackey & Tsubasa subbed videos for those who missed out on them or lost their harddrive and would like to see them again. If you have any of the video files the list is in need of reuploading, please help out!

You do have to join the community, but the rules aren't too hard to follow.

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Hi angels! ♡ I'm selling some of my JE collection over on my journal in hopes of saving for grad school!

JE sales post ♡ CDs, DVDs, Pamphlets, Shop photos ♡
- mostly Takitsuba CDs, DVDs, pamphlets, and shop photos
- some KAT-TUN DVDs, pamphlets, and shop photos
- some NEWS CDs and shop photos
- others non-JE goods (eg. Sato Takeru, Rurouni Kenshin)

KAT-TUN Shop Photos and Posters sales post ♡
- KAT-TUN only shop photo bundles and posters

Thank you if you decide to take a look, and even if you don't! (◌´ ˘ `◌)°◌̊ ♡
newsukidesu has uploaded Netapare with Tsubasa as guest over here.

They watch some standup comedy skits that aren't too hard to follow (I really don't understand that last one, but I get it's like a robbery/hold up scene). Tsubasa walks up some stairs and enters the set totally gorgeous. He talks a bit too, very briefly about him and Massu entering the jimusho and about Nan-chan (one of the host comedians).

I think this is definitely one worth checking out, if only to hear Tsubasa say "mm, 好きです."

Just kidding, I'm sorry. It's short, casual and a nice bit of change from the shows where they just watch VTRs and/or eat food all day. The atmosphere is good. (and Massu is there! Who hasn't been waiting to see some kind of NEWS and T&T?)

31 May 2017 @ 08:18 am
Please, please PLEASEEE correct me if I have any information wrong or if you have anything to add. I really just guess on what's happening. I've added sources for the REAL information in case I'm wrong.

Tsubasa's drama, Lovers in the Attic starts 6/3
Tackey's horror movie film is set for July

Schedule as listed on T&T's official page

Tackey's All Night Nippon INFO
6/5 - 6/9 The Vance K Show (Tackey) SOURCE

6/9 Monthly TV Guide (Tackey, Tsubasa) SOURCE
Monthly TV Navi (Tackey) SOURCE
Myojo (Tackey) SOURCE
Popolo (Tackey) SOURCE
TVfan (Tsubasa)
TV station (Tsubasa, Tackey)
duet (Tackey) SOURCE
anan (Tackey) SOURCE
Adult Digital TV Navi (Tsubasa) SOURCE
and GIRL

6/1 UNBELIEVABLE 奇跡体験!アンビリバボー - フジテレビ (Tsubasa) SOURCE: ENG | JPN
6/2 Netapare (Tsubasa)
6/3 Mezamashi Douyobi (Tsubasa)
6/3  Kanjani8 Chronicle (Tsubasa) SOURCE
6/3  おかべろ (Tsubasa) SOURCE
6/3 Lovers in the Attic drama STARTS! (Tsubasa) SOURCE
6/6 Senzai nōryoku TEST 潜在能力テスト (Tsubasa) SOURCE
ウチのガヤがすいません (Tackey) SOURCE
6/10 Arashi ni shiyagare (Tackey) SOURCE
6/11 School Revolution (Tackey) SOURCE
Nino-san (Tackey) SOURCE
6/11 有吉ゼミ直前傑作選 (Tackey) SOURCE
6/12 有吉ゼミ ヒロミ&タッキー芸能人の家をいじる&最安値ツアーSP (Tackey) SOURCE
6/12 Kisumai BUSAIKU (Tackey) SOURCE
6/13 (some show w/ title "PRIZE" in it) (Tackey) SOURCE
6/14 (Tackey) SOURCE
6/14 TOKIO Kakeru (Tackey) SOURCE
6/15 (some show w/ "THE" in it) (Tackey) SOURCE
6/16 (some show w/ "world 10" in title) (Tackey) SOURCE
東京暇人~TOKYO hi-IMAGINE~ (Tackey) SOURCE
6/17 Kodomo Tsukai Roadshow (Tackey) SOURCE
6/17 Kanjani Chronicle (Tackey) SOURCE
6/18 Kinki Kids Bubunbun (Tackey) SOURCE
6/19 Sukatto Japan (Tsubasa) SOURCE
(Tackey) SOURCE

Men's vigne (Tackey)

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I'm bringing you two shows with Tsubasa :)

Kanjani Chronicles 20.05.2017

Don't know the source, sorry, just found it online

Kisumai Busaiku 29.05.2017

source: 柯南朶尔

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25 May 2017 @ 08:12 am
While you were out sleeping I mastered the-- just kidding I found the poster for Tsubasa's drama on Twitter while the rest of Japan was asleep.

I'm only functioning right now because I already had my hour of latent SHOCK. 8Db

btw I think I saw on Twitter from either the director or photographer or somebody on Lovers in the Attic staff trying to say they're trying to bring out the ero-kakkoii/エロカッコイイof Tsubasa? Them's big words.

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Previews, yay.

NEP League


I wonder what NG he must have done to get such a "Sempai!!!" reaction XD


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Tsubasa will be guesting on a "mystery quiz" show called "Tonight Nazotore" with Cream Stew on 5/30.

He will be on competing on the regular team with Arita Teppei against Rozan's Ujihara Fumiko, the famed quiz king among such quiz shows.

If you feel like it, you can try some of the puzzles the site has listed!


Also does anyone know if Tackey is doing any promos for his horror movie?! I haven't haven't watched any of the trailers because.. horror movie but I think it's set to come out in July? Is he going to be on shows too?

EDIT: OH, OH, OHHH!!! CHECK IT!! He's reported to have been seen during filming for Sakurai & Ariyoshi's The Yakai Variety show!

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Previews get me excited so why not? Tsubasa will be guesting on Downtown Now (5/19), Kanjani8 Chronicle (5/20), Kisumai BUSAIKU on (5/29) and there are previews for each.

Downtown NOW has an English description here! It sounds like it will be an interesting show.. !

Omg he's guesting on the show along with Takizawa Karen.. First Takimoto from MARIUS and now this Takizawa.. Tsubasa with every "Taki" but actual Tackey..

Tackey's got some new shop photos feat. offshots from when he appeared in DIVER mag. (I totally want all of them)

And Kodomo Tsukai, Tackey's upcoming horror movie, has plush toys hitting UFO catchers.

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Teaser image for Tsubasa's new drama is out?

Sorry if you've had to hear about this from me many times already, but hey, I'm sure you wouldn't mind seeing it again.



And again, after I cross-post this to takitsubalove
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