Selling a lot of T&T singles & some other stuff

Hi! I hope it's okay to post sales posts here - if it's not, please delete this post. ^^'

I'm selling all of my Tackey & Tsubasa collection including a lot of limited edition singles & one old calendar from 2003. All the prices are negotiable & don't include shipping (shipping worldwide from Japan).

Ai wa takaramono (Limited Edition w/ DVD with T&T matsuri prologue & MV dance version) 10€
Crazy Rainbow (Limited Edition w/ x dame MV, furitsuke lesson & T&T solo angles DVD) 8€
Crazy Rainbow (Limited One Piece Edition w/ DVD) 8€
Dakinatsu (Limited Edition w/ DVD with 2014 Special Event Footage DVD) 8€
Heartful Voice (Limited Edition w/ DVD with MV & making) 8€
Kamen to Miraikoukai (Limited Edition w/ DVD with Kamen MV) 8€
Koiuta (Limited Edition w/ Music Video DVD) 8€
Samurai (Limited Edition w/ DVD with Yakusoku MV in 2 versions) 8€
Samurai (Regular edition) 6€
Two You Four You (Limited Edition w/ DVD) 12€
Shalala (Limited Edition w/ DVD with MV & making) 8€
Venus (Limited Edition w/ DVD) 8€

Takizawa + Imai’s Johnny’s Jr. Calendar 2003 by Star Collection 5€

I'm also selling a lot of other Johnny's stuff in my sales journal, click here if you're interested. Thank you for reading & looking! :)
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O-E-subs revival


We're arashiproject and we work in reuploading the dead subbed files made by old subbing teams, in the respect of their rules.

We have been made maintainers of o_e_subs, you can read everything in this entry.

If you have any of the missing files, please don't hesitate to share :) Especially, since o_e_subs covered A LOT of fandoms (namely TOKIO, Kanjani8, T&T and Kinki Kids), please share the news as much as you can (you can also retweet this tweet).

Thank you for your help and support :)
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Tackey & Tsubasa to officially disband

It has been announced the Johnny’s duo Tackey & Tsubasa will officially be going their separate ways.

Previously in September 2017 it was decided that the duo would go on hiatus, just before their 15th anniversary.  During the initial announcement the reason given for their hiatus was “differences in the direction of activities as a unit“.

For the past few years the group has been in limbo, mainly due to member Tsubasa Imai‘s health issues. Unfortunately Imai suffers from inner ear problems, which made it very difficult for the two to be able to perform together.

Hideaki Takizawa is planning to retire from entertainment activities by the end of the year. He will then focus full-time on being a producer behind the scenes helping train Johnny’s Jr talents, develop stage productions, produce their live concerts, and various other duties.

Imai will be leaving Johnny & Associates to focus on his health, hoping to resume activities in the future once his physical condition becomes better.

Tackey & Tsubasa made their official debut on September 11th, 2002 with the album “Hatachi“. The two have gone on to release 16 singles, 5 studio albums, and 2 mini-albums.

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Hiya there, so... I literally had a dream about meeting Takitsuba a few days ago and I've been their fan in like 2005~8 or something. So it's been like 10 years.
So I decided to check what's up with them and also check my old posts about them and I found one when I was extremely excited
about Shounen Club from like 2006 01 17 (date of the post). Venus times. Does anyone still have it, or a link to it? : o
I found out which episode it is. It's from 15012006 - Theme: What's an adult? - Producer: Tegoshi
I also can't find translations or links to T&T's J-Webs anywhere (it's fine in Japanese), can you guys help? [solved]

Hope this post is okay since I haven't been here so long ^^;

Tokyohive - Miyake Ken & Takizawa Hideaki form a new unit

V6's Miyake Ken and Tackey&Tsubasa's Takizawa Hideaki have formed a new unit called "KEN☆Tackey" and will be making their CD debut with "Gyakuten Lovers" this summer.

KEN☆Tackey gave their first performance on the first night of 'Takizawa Kabuki 2018' at Shinbashi Enbujo. They announced, "We had been receiving requests from our fans and finally. Thank you for waiting."

The two have been working together since 'Takizawa Kabuki 2016.' At that time, Miyake had joked, "I hope we can have a delicious relationship as Ken and Tackey (a pun on Kentucky Fried Chicken)." Since then, they have starred together in CMs for KFC and will also star in their new CM as KEN☆Tackey in late May.

On his other half Imai Tsubasa, who went on hiatus due to reoccurrence of Ménierè disease, Tackey commented, "I haven't spoken to Tsubasa yet, so I haven't grasped the situation." He called out to him, "First of all, I really want him to recover. Please don't rush. I will be waiting."

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Tsubasa hospitalized for Meniere's Disease

You all might have seen recently via Twitter and other news sources that Tsubasa has recently been hospitalized again for Meniere's Disease.

Johnny's net has posted a message regarding his condition in ENGLISH on their website that I would like to share it with you all.

tobase, his radio show which has has also been terminated for the time being. I believe Marius showings have been canceled as well. Marius will have a substitute actor for Tsubasa's role. (Thank you ichigobanana!)

If you want to write a letter,

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