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24 April 2017 @ 08:44 am
Hi, I wanted to write a summary of upcoming things happening with Tackey and Tsubasa. I like what moonshadow_87 is doing in crazy_accel so I'll try hard too, but my knowledge is limited. Please correct me if I have any information wrong. (Yeah the magazines released already but SHHH)

Takizawa Kabuki is currently ongoing. The schedule can be found on J-net.
Tsubasa will be starring in drama "Yaneura no Koibito" (The Attic Lover) which will begin its run from 3 June in the Saturdays 11.40pm timeslot. source
Tackey will be starring in a horror movie, Kodomo Tsukai (Innocent Curse) set for release June 17, 2017. Updates on J-net.

2017.04.23 Shu1TV - Johnny's Undokai coverage (Tsubasa)

2017.04.24 TVfan - Johnny's Undokai Report (Tsubasa)
2017.04.24 TVnavi - Johnny's Undokai (Tsubasa)
2017.04.24 TV Guide June 2017 - Johnny's Undokai (Tsubasa), Takizawa Kabuki Report (Tackey)
2017.04.25 Josei Jishin (女性自身) - Johnny's Undokai Report (Tsubasa)
2017.04.24 Myojo - Marius stage report 1/2 page (Tsubasa)
2017.04.27 Stage Sqaure vol. 26 - Takizawa Kabuki (Tackey)

hoyu Men's Bigne ads in Yamanote Line (Tackey)

sources via @yx_yc
Dorama World

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22 April 2017 @ 10:45 pm
Hiya, yoshiko_mama uploaded Popolo with some Takizawa Kabuki scans. She has more scans over here.

KATTUN, Takizawa Kabuki, Yuma Nakayama
DL link

Have a good day. ^^
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22 April 2017 @ 10:30 pm
Today is the anniversary of when Tackey & Tsubasa first joined the agency, I think! Maybe if I have the time later I'll try to dig through and see if I have any old precious videos to reupload and share.

The Twitter hashtag #滝翼入所記念日 is bustling with some celebratory and congratulatory tweets. Here are a few. (=

The rest under a cut!Collapse )

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20 April 2017 @ 02:17 pm
Hello! yoshiko_mama shared some scans featuring Tackey x Daiki and Marius stage reports!

DL link

The rest of her post has other scans in the same magazine and more.

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09 April 2017 @ 03:54 pm
Well, so I've decided to sell almost all my Johnny's goods.
For every 20€ you spend, I'll be giving you a 10% discount.
You must pay for the shipping cost. Once you've decided what do you want, I'll let you know of the different shipping methods and how much each of them costs (the shipping price depends on the weight of the package).
As for the payment method, I accept PayPal only (which would mean you'd have to pay an additional sum of 1€).
Payments should be done in 3 days after confirmation. If you have a problem tell me and we can delay those 3 days, but never more than a week.
I ship from Spain. Items will be sent within 6 business days after I get the payment.

Also if you choose a shipping method without a tracking number I'll be no responsible if the package doesn't reach to you.
All the goods are original, and bought in Kyoto, Japan.
To place your order, you need to complete this form and send it to MorfineCeres@yahoo.es:
E-mail address:
Goods you'd like to purchase:
Total Prize:
Should you have any doubts, feel free to ask!

Go here to view the items!!
Hi everyone,

I started selling some of my stuff since I returned from Japan, or stuff that I have to put at home right now and really hope they'll find nice places.
My selling post is currently small but i'm gonna try and update it regularly, so you're more than welcome to see and follow :-)
I sell goods from many Johnny's groups, from SMAP up to Johnny's WEST and also the Juniors (pre-debuted Kis-My-Ft2, A.B.C-Z, Sexy Zone and Johnny's WEST) <3

You can find the post here. Come and watch from time to time - maybe you'll find something interesting.

Shipping is free worldwide!

* Last Update: April 4 (tons of goods uploaded. Also few Disney goods - for the lovers...)

Have fun!
09 January 2017 @ 03:10 pm


I wonder if takky and tsuba have recent activity that I haven't updates!

I miss them since I watch JCD...

Can anybody help me to keep up to dates?

Thank you in advance <3

14 December 2016 @ 04:36 pm
One of my favourite Johnny’s, I was really looking forward to presenting my Top 10 songs from T&T and talk about their awesomeness.

I hope you'll like it, let me know and don't hesitate to share your own top 10 with me :)
We at arashiproject are in the midst of recovering all of the files subbed by bakanosekai. I know that they have subbed T&T media files in the past, so should you have some time, please take a look at this masterpost for the files that we need (entry is public). Should you be willing to reupload files, please just go ahead and comment the link in the entry.
02 June 2016 @ 11:54 pm
Hi everyone!! I'm sorry for bother you. I'm a big fan of T&T and I would be really happy if any of you could help me to find the lyrics in chinese of this song "我們的逃亡"
(タッキー&翼 - ボクらのエスケイプ) (Takki & Tsubasa - Our Escape) It's from the TRIP&TREASURE TWO album
I already have the japanese version (kanji and romanji) and translate to english and I really want to find the chinese lyrics.

Thank you so much!!
Hello! I was wondering if anyone had some of the shows that aired around the time Tsubasa was doing some 2014 Burn the Floor promos?

  • Saturday Chubaw - I never saw this around even as a stream >_< He's blond in this one.

  • Forgot the title, but it had Carribbean in it XD It was Tsubasa meeting with the Burn the Floor cast on a ship or something, kind of like the part 2 to that Singapore episode!

  • General BTF 2014 news. I'm particularly interested in one with footage with Tsubasa and Janette performing Club le Narcisse. I feel like that's the only one I haven't seen, of the news/promos >_<

I was waiting for these when it was recent, but I never saw links for them..

I don't have much of a bribe list, but ask me if I have anything and if I do I will be happy to share O_O Thank you!
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25 April 2016 @ 12:18 pm
Hello, i'm new member here ^^
I'm new member but i want to request something (sorry)

I'm looking for hatachi concert and sugao concert 1 & 2 (sub/not sub it's fine)
I had been search for 2 month. but i'm not find it.

If you guys have the link/you have the file, can you share it? (^o^)
Thankyou~ and yoroshiku ne (^.^)v
Looks like TRIP & TREASURE TWO promos are already starting!

My friend in a completely different fandom who knows I love T&T told me Tsubasa was on a show today. ^^

I ripped the caps off @yasuda630baske1

I haven't watched yet, but I saw it's up on Youtube already. I think it's mostly VTR and the topic is about New York and Halloween. The VTRs they watch are in English with Japanese voiceover, so if you really want to find out what it's about.. XDD

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

And just in case Youtube takes it off before any of you get to it on your "Watch Later" List, here it is on mediafire.

If you care for spoilers or not... Tsubasa didn't get any of the questions right. As @hadakanomind informed me, at the very end, Tsubasa says something like "I wore the 3-piece suit to look smart. And that's all I did. Look smart."

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13 November 2015 @ 11:07 pm
Good evening, folks!

The next con report up is Nagoya!

Here's an excerpt:

Tsubasa wrote, "TSUBASA HAS ___ FOR TAKIZAWA," and turned to the audience. "Okay, what do you think it is?"

Enjoy! :DDD
06 November 2015 @ 10:26 pm
Greetings, folks!

I come bearing an extremely late report for Fukuoka's concert!

Originally I was going to release them all at once, but honestly I think it'll be best if I just split them into parts and go concert by concert. So first up is, of course, Fukuoka!

Soon to follow: Nagoya, Hiroshima, and Shiga!