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Tsubasa will be guesting on a "mystery quiz" show called "Tonight Nazotore" with Cream Stew on 5/30.

He will be on competing on the regular team with Arita Teppei against Rozan's Ujihara Fumiko, the famed quiz king among such quiz shows.

If you feel like it, you can try some of the puzzles the site has listed!


Also does anyone know if Tackey is doing any promos for his horror movie?! I haven't haven't watched any of the trailers because.. horror movie but I think it's set to come out in July? Is he going to be on shows too?

EDIT: OH, OH, OHHH!!! CHECK IT!! He's reported to have been seen during filming for Sakurai & Ariyoshi's The Yakai Variety show!

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Previews get me excited so why not? Tsubasa will be guesting on Downtown Now (5/19), Kanjani8 Chronicle (5/20), Kisumai BUSAIKU on (5/29) and there are previews for each.

Downtown NOW has an English description here! It sounds like it will be an interesting show.. !

Omg he's guesting on the show along with Takizawa Karen.. First Takimoto from MARIUS and now this Takizawa.. Tsubasa with every "Taki" but actual Tackey..

Tackey's got some new shop photos feat. offshots from when he appeared in DIVER mag. (I totally want all of them)

And Kodomo Tsukai, Tackey's upcoming horror movie, has plush toys hitting UFO catchers.

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Teaser image for Tsubasa's new drama is out?

Sorry if you've had to hear about this from me many times already, but hey, I'm sure you wouldn't mind seeing it again.



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07 May 2017 @ 08:06 am
yoshiko_mama uploaded some scans with Tackey x Daiki and Johnnys Sports Day reports. Enjoy. ^^

HSJ, Tackey x Daiki, TOKIO, Uchi Hiroki, V6, Yuma Nakayama scans DL link

Johnnys' Sport Day scans DL link

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yoshiko_mama uploaded scans for various TV mags, StageSquare, JoseiSeven. The full post is here.

Takizawa Kabuki scans: DL link

Johnny's Sports Day 2017 scans: DL link

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30 April 2017 @ 11:27 am
Here's May's lineup from what I could gather off Twitter with translate. Please, please PLEASEEE correct me if I have any information wrong or if you have anything to add. I really just guess on what's happening. I've added sources for the REAL information in case I'm wrong.

Both Tackey and Tsubasa have been updating their J-webs recently I believe, so check it out if you haven't!

Schedule as listed on T&T's official page

Tackey's All Night Nippon INFO

05.05 Musical - Marius report (Tsubasa)
05.05 TVGuide - Johnny's Undokai report (Tsubasa)
05.06 POTATO, June 2017 issue (Tackey) SOURCE
05.12 JMovie Magazine vol.23 - Takizawa Kabuki, Marius (Tackey, Tsubasa) SOURCE
Nihon Eiga Navi (Tackey) SOURCE
Cinema Square (Tackey) SOURCE
05.24 TVfan - "Lover's in the Attic" gravure interview (Tsubasa) SOURCE
05.29 Dance SQUARE vol. 19 -  Kamiyama Tomohiro &T. (Tsubasa) SOURCE

05.05 東京暇人~TOKYO hi-IMAGINE~ (Tackey) SOURCE
05.07 Oshareism (YamaP as guest, comment from Tackey) SOURCE
05.10 Weekly Television (Tsubasa) SOURCE
05.12 Shounen Club (Sports Day VTR with Tsubasa) SOURCE
05.14 Black to the Future (Tsubasa) SOURCE
05.18 ZIP (Tackey VTR)
05.19 Downtown Now (Tsubasa) SOURCE
05.20 Kanjani8 Chronicle (Tsubasa) SOURCE
05.22 PON! (Tackey) SOURCE
5.29 Kisumai BUSAIKU (Tsubasa) SOURCE
5.29 NEP League (Tsubasa) SOURCE
5.30 Atarashii Ayami 24 (Tsubasa) SOURCE
5.30 Tonight's Nazotore (Tsubasa) SOURCE
5.31 What's this? Mysteries from around the world (Tsubasa) SOURCE

hoyu Men's Bigne (Tackey)

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24 April 2017 @ 08:44 am
Takizawa Kabuki is currently ongoing. The schedule can be found on J-net.
Tsubasa will be starring in drama "Yaneura no Koibito" (The Attic Lover) which will begin its run from 3 June in the Saturdays 11.40pm timeslot. source
Tackey will be starring in a horror movie, Kodomo Tsukai (Innocent Curse) set for release June 17, 2017. Updates on J-net.

J-web entries
04.26 Habitacion de Alas (Tsubasa)
04.26 (Tackey)

2017.04.23 Shu1TV - Johnny's Undokai coverage (Tsubasa)

2017.04.24 TVfan - Johnny's Undokai Report (Tsubasa)
2017.04.24 TVnavi - Johnny's Undokai (Tsubasa)
2017.04.24 TV Guide June 2017 - Johnny's Undokai (Tsubasa), Takizawa Kabuki Report (Tackey)
2017.04.24 Myojo - Marius stage report 1/2 page (Tsubasa)
2017.04.25 Josei Jishin (女性自身) - Johnny's Undokai Report (Tsubasa)
2017.04.27 Stage Sqaure vol. 26 - Takizawa Kabuki (Tackey)
2017.04.27 BEST STAGE - Takizawa Kabuki (Tackey)
TVLife - Takizawa Kabuki (Tackey)

hoyu Men's Bigne ads in Yamanote Line (Tackey)

sources via @yx_yc
Dorama World
22 April 2017 @ 10:45 pm
Hiya, yoshiko_mama uploaded Popolo with some Takizawa Kabuki scans. She has more scans over here.

KATTUN, Takizawa Kabuki, Yuma Nakayama
DL link

Have a good day. ^^
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22 April 2017 @ 10:30 pm
Today is the anniversary of when Tackey & Tsubasa first joined the agency, I think! Maybe if I have the time later I'll try to dig through and see if I have any old precious videos to reupload and share.

The Twitter hashtag #滝翼入所記念日 is bustling with some celebratory and congratulatory tweets. Here are a few. (=

The rest under a cut!Collapse )

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20 April 2017 @ 02:17 pm
Hello! yoshiko_mama shared some scans featuring Tackey x Daiki and Marius stage reports!

DL link

The rest of her post has other scans in the same magazine and more.

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09 April 2017 @ 03:54 pm
Well, so I've decided to sell almost all my Johnny's goods.
For every 20€ you spend, I'll be giving you a 10% discount.
You must pay for the shipping cost. Once you've decided what do you want, I'll let you know of the different shipping methods and how much each of them costs (the shipping price depends on the weight of the package).
As for the payment method, I accept PayPal only (which would mean you'd have to pay an additional sum of 1€).
Payments should be done in 3 days after confirmation. If you have a problem tell me and we can delay those 3 days, but never more than a week.
I ship from Spain. Items will be sent within 6 business days after I get the payment.

Also if you choose a shipping method without a tracking number I'll be no responsible if the package doesn't reach to you.
All the goods are original, and bought in Kyoto, Japan.
To place your order, you need to complete this form and send it to MorfineCeres@yahoo.es:
E-mail address:
Goods you'd like to purchase:
Total Prize:
Should you have any doubts, feel free to ask!

Go here to view the items!!
Hi everyone,

I started selling some of my stuff since I returned from Japan, or stuff that I have to put at home right now and really hope they'll find nice places.
My selling post is currently small but i'm gonna try and update it regularly, so you're more than welcome to see and follow :-)
I sell goods from many Johnny's groups, from SMAP up to Johnny's WEST and also the Juniors (pre-debuted Kis-My-Ft2, A.B.C-Z, Sexy Zone and Johnny's WEST) <3

You can find the post here. Come and watch from time to time - maybe you'll find something interesting.

Shipping is free worldwide!

* Last Update: April 4 (tons of goods uploaded. Also few Disney goods - for the lovers...)

Have fun!
09 January 2017 @ 03:10 pm


I wonder if takky and tsuba have recent activity that I haven't updates!

I miss them since I watch JCD...

Can anybody help me to keep up to dates?

Thank you in advance <3

14 December 2016 @ 04:36 pm
One of my favourite Johnny’s, I was really looking forward to presenting my Top 10 songs from T&T and talk about their awesomeness.

I hope you'll like it, let me know and don't hesitate to share your own top 10 with me :)
We at arashiproject are in the midst of recovering all of the files subbed by bakanosekai. I know that they have subbed T&T media files in the past, so should you have some time, please take a look at this masterpost for the files that we need (entry is public). Should you be willing to reupload files, please just go ahead and comment the link in the entry.